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Spirit Flows. Don Markese is a messenger at heart. He always tries to include his personal inspiration and experiences within the music he creates. It is spiritual, and it always,  always goes beyond words and speaks to something inside of us, at our core. It is soulful and true. Listen to “Spirit Flows” and let it talk to you, flow to you, through you, and may you find your heart singing, your mind at peace, and your spirit filled.

File Under Kool -3000x3000.jpeg

File Under Kool. CD Liner Notes:  I was nursing a cup of java at jazz noon. The night was long and my thoughts were deep. The Markese-Fumo Express was my music of choice. Dig? These cats were on it from jump street. 11 tracks and 40 minutes of mind-bending melodies and soul soaring grooves. Crazy, Jackson. Crazy.

Don Markese and John Fumo, (aka) The Markese-Fumo Express, have it all. Chops for days and "kool" to spare. With titles such as, MONK’S RUN and ORNETTE’S KITCHEN, you know what to expect. Old school hip meets...more old school hip. That’s right. No compromise. The ghosts of Bix and Illinois are listening closely to this collection of the latest tunes with a vintage vibe. A splash of bebop with a twist of straight ahead and a double shot of “yeah, man” is waiting for you. Dig Miles? Dig Bird? Dig this! 
-Bill Cinque

Rave Reviews for "File Under Kool":

Jazz Weekly: "Vintage cool sounds of the 50s and 60s when it was hip to be hep are captured by the duet of John Fumo on trumpet/flugelhorn and Don Markese, who plays just about every woodwind in the musical canon..." -George W. Harris

The CHIRP Blog: "An unforgettably addictive and inventive homage to 20th Century modern jazz legends performed by the most versatile multiinstrumentalist Don Markese and venerable trumpet master John Fumo. This record never gets old and I hear something new each time I play it." -Steven Grady, DJ, CHIRP Radio

Album Collaboration.  Several people were involved in the creation of these albums.  

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